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November 15, 2023
To make it easy to find and navigate, below is the list of candidates in the election. Each name will be clickable to view their bio, if one has been provided. Good luck to all candidates! ...
List of Nominees and Acclaimations
November 15, 2023
List of Nominees and AcclaimationThe nomination period for the upcoming elections is now closed.  Thank you to all who participated in the process. The following is a list of the ...
ELECTION CALL – October 2023
October 30, 2023
Between November 21-27, 2023 members will elect 2 table officers, and 11 RVP’s (2-year term) and 1 trustee (3-year term). Election for Table Officer Positions:PresidentTreasu...

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List of Nominees and Acclaimations
ELECTION CALL – October 2023
NVP Elections Result
List of Nominees and Acclaimations
Election Call January 2022
RVP Election December 2021
List of Nominees and Acclaimations
Nomination Forms
Election Call October 2021
Nominations Closed – List of Acclaimed and Nominees
Nomination Forms – January 2021
Election Call – January 2021 – Negotiating Committee
Election Call – January 2021 – RVP, Region 6C and Region 5A
Nominee Bio’s
List of Nominees and Acclaimations – November 2020
Election Call – December 2020
Vacation Carry-Over
All Blood is Equal
Covid-19 Update
Covid-19 Questions/Concerns
Returning Officer- Call for Interested Parties
Vacation Statements
Trustee Election Results
Elections are Underway!
ELECTION ARTICLES – December 10-16, 2019
UPDATED: Nominations and Acclaimations – November 2019
Nomination Forms – Elections December 2019
Nomination Forms sent by email
Election Call – December 2019
Bargaining Committee Update
Canadian Equity Council Delegate – COPE National
Collective Agreement Update
Button Campaign
Call for Interested Parties – RETURNING OFFICER
Update on Collective Agreement
National Vice President Election RESULTS
BIOGRAPHIES of all nominees – Election March 2019 (National Vice-President)
List of Nominees and Acclaimation
Election Call – January 30, 2019
List of Nominees and Acclaimations – January 2019
Nominations Open January 10th
President Resignation
Election Call – January 2019
Ratification Vote Results
Election Results are in!
Guidelines for Friday Afternoon Off
Tentative Settlement – Further Information
Tentative Settlement Document
Bargaining Update #8 – Tentative Agreement
BIOGRAPHIES of all nominees – Election December 2018
List of Nominees and Acclaimations
Nominations Closing Soon!
Bargaining Update #7
Nominations Open- November 2
RESULTS – Pension Ratification Vote
Bargaining Update #6
Bargaining Update #5 – FRENCH – Pension Settlement Information
Bargaining Update #5 – Pension Settlement Information (PowerPoint Presentation)
Bargaining Update #4 – Pension Settlement
Committee Appointments – 2018
Bargaining Update #3
Bargaining Update #2
Bargaining Update #1 – September 2018
Statement from COPE Local 343
RVP Elections and RVP Acclaimations
RVP – List of Nominees
Bargaining Committee Update #1
Election Results
Election End Time, Memo from Returning Officer
Voting Ends Tomorrow
COPE Raid Communique #4 – UPDATE
Voting Starts Tomorrow
Bargaining Survey Deadline is TOMORROW
Bio’s of Nominees for upcoming Election
Nominations are now closed – LIST OF NOMINEES
Bargaining Survey
Bargaining Committee Election Results and Update
National Vice-President Resignation
Bargaining Committee Candidates BIO’s
Bargaining Committee Nominee List
Bargaining Committee NOMINATIONS Close Tomorrow!
Congratulations to our new Education Communication Officer – Sister Kristine Dupuis!
Bargaining Committee 2017- Nominations OPEN
By-Election Nominations Closed – List of Candidates
By-Election 2017 VOTE OPEN NOW
By-Election 2017 – Nominations Close Tomorrow!
By-Election 2017 – Nominations are now open
By-Election Call 2017 (three positions)
Interim Education/Communication Officer
Bargaining Updates
Region 5A By-election update
Memorandum of Agreement Ratification Vote Results
COPE Temporary Employee Seniority List December 2016
CUPE Permanent Employee Seniority List as of December 2016
Region 5A RVP Nominations
Region 5A By-Election Call
Returning Officer Call
Bargaining Updates 2017
COPE Temporary Employee Seniority List as of June 2016
Bargaining Updates 2016
Election Results
Nominations and Acclamations
Election Call and Nomination Forms
Call for Returning Officer and Alternate Returning Officer
CUPE Permanent Employee Seniority List As of December 31, 2015
2016-2017 Bargaining Committee
National Vice-President By-Election Biographies
East Region Bargaining Committee Tie Breaker Vote
Election Call: National Vice President
COPE491 Committees
Bargaining Committee Elections Results
Bargaining Committee Nominations and Biographies
Call for Election: Bargaining Committee
Election Results: Vice-President
Vice-President Nominations
Call for Elections – National Vice President
Election Results
Elections Update
RVP Region 5A – Ontario Regional Office
RVP Region 7 – Maritimes
Ratification Vote Results
RVP Nominations Region 8- Atlantic
President Nominations
Treasurer Nominations
RVP Nominations Region 2 – Alberta
Tentative Ageement Summary and MOA
RVP Nominations Region 1 – BCRO
Bargaining Update: Tentative Agreement
October 20 Bargaining Update
RVP Nominations Region 4 – Manitoba
October 15 Communiqué
RVP Nominations Region 6 – National
October 14, 2015 Bargaining Update
CSU Strike Update
RVP Nominations Region 3 – Saskatchewan
Nominations RVP Region 5A – Ontario Area
Nomination for Trustee (3 Year Term)
Election Call 2016-2017
October 6, 2015 Bargaining Update
September 29 Bargaining Update
Protected: Strike Vote
Protected: August 14 Bargaining Update
Protected: July 13, 2015 Bargaining update (Pensions)
Protected: April 27th Bargaining Update
Protected: Bargaining Update March 31
Protected: Bargaining Update February 24 & 25
RVP Region 6
RVP Region 5A
RVP Bi-Election National Office and Ontario Area
…And the Votes are In
Polls Open for Two More Days
Election Bios
Election – Nominations Received
Election Call
Protected: Bargaining Communique #1
Seniority List
Pension Ad-Hoc Committee Member
Election Results – Treasurer
Joint Board of Trustees – Alternate
Vote Vote Vote
Treasurer Election – Candidate Information
Election – Treasurer
Election Call (Treasurer) – Nominations Received
Election Call – Treasurer
Saskatchewan RVP – Region 3
Saskatchewan RVP Election Call and Nomination Form
Protected: Bargaining Update – June 23 2014
Permanent Employee Seniority List – as at December 31 2013
Temporary Employee Seniority List – as at December 31, 2013
Manitoba RVP
MB Election Call and Nomination Form
COPE Charter
Election Results
Bargaining Committee Contact List
RVP Region 6 – Ann Duprey (BIO)
Treasurer – Maggie Lewis (BIO)
RVP Region 6 – Melissa Fortin (BIO)
RVP Region 6 – Lise Foster (BIO)
RVP Region 6 – Julie Jobin (BIO)
RVP Region 6 – Genevieve Burley (BIO)
RVP Region 7 – Kelli Lawrence (BIO)
RVP Region 7 – Veronique Dube (BIO)
RVP Region 6 – Debbie Rebeiro (BIO)
Treasurer – Kathy Maxon (BIO)
2014-2015 Elections – Nomination Forms
Election Call (2014-2015)
Survey Participation
Temporary Employee Seniority List – as at June 30, 2013
Permanent Seniority List (as of December 31 2012)
Temporary COPE Seniority List
WEST – Negotiation Team Member (Results)
Ontario Negotiating Team Member (Results)
EAST – Negotiating Team Member (Results)
Bio – Leanne Strang (WEST)
Message to Members – Voting
Bio – Eva McKaeff (WEST)
Bio – Lindsay Mills (ONTARIO)
Bio – Maggie Lewis (ONTARIO)
Bio – Karina Sheardown (WEST)
Bio – Angela Coleman (ONTARIO)
Bio – Stacey Moore (EAST)
Bio – Kelli Lawrence (EAST)
Bio – Sheila Bourque (EAST)
Bio – Karri Patterson (EAST)
Understanding Your Retro Pay
Election – Negotiating Team Member (Regions)
Negotiating Committee Member (Regions)
Retro Pay Update – June 26
Nomination Form – Ontario
Nomination Form – East
Nomination Form (National)
Nomination Form (West)
Retro Pay – Update
Results – Negotiating Team Officer
Election Call – Negotiating Committee
Bargaining Committee – Karen Carle (Bio)
Retro Pay
Constitution and Bylaw Poll Results
Ratification Vote – Results
What is conciliation?
Election/Communication Officer and National Vice-President Election Results
Bargaining Update