Bargaining Survey

Below you will find the document regarding the Bargaining Survey from our Bargaining Committee.  The first page of text is below, but the document in its entirety can be accessed by clicking the link.  Thank you.



Plain Text, first page:

Sisters and Brothers,

Your Bargaining Committee has been elected. We are preparing for the next round of negotiations with the Employer and we want to hear from you! Attached is a survey to assist us in identifying what you want changed in OUR Collective Agreement and what our priorities are for this round of bargaining.

Please take some time and think about your work environment, wages and benefits. Let us know your concerns, issues and what improvements to OUR Collective Agreement you would like us to propose. At the end of the survey you will find the form “Amendments to the Collective Agreement”, use this form to suggest specific language changes and/or additions (make as many copies of this form as you need to!)

This survey should take you approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Please complete the survey by November 24, 2017 and return it to with a copy to your Regional Vice-President.

Your individual response is confidential and will not be reported. We will only use summary information (for example: 45% of members want improvements to the benefit plan).

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact any member of the COPE Local 491 bargaining committee or send an email to:

In Solidarity,

Your COPE Local 491 Bargaining Committee
Karen Carle
Lindsay Mills
Trish Sinclair
Karri Patterson
Collette Calvelli
Abigail Manangan