1. We currently bargain our own collective agreement and have many great assets within that agreement. If you leave COPE 491, you are NOT guaranteed to keep what we have now or gain anything more.


  1. We do not pay additional legal expenses for legal counsel as it is provided by COPE Ontario and is included in our dues.


  1. We have a staff representative assigned to us to advocate our rights and ensure our collective agreement is protected.


  1. You would lose all assets, including monetary, and affiliations we currently have as COPE 491 if you join Rosie 2.


  1. We have our unlimited Strike and Defence fund backed by 35,000 members.


  1. We have representation on the Joint Board of Trustees.


  1. We have seats on all joint committees.


  1. We have a Sick Leave Bank with days that you and the employer have contributed to and you would lose that.


  1. We have access to the Educationals that are currently available to us through COPE Ontario, CLC and the provincial Federations.


  1. We have strength in numbers in a larger Union and there is no guarantee your voices would be heard in a smaller association.