COPE Raid Communique #4 – UPDATE

Sisters and Brothers:

I want you to know that your COPE 491 Executive is working for you and doing everything we can to protect our member’s rights.

As you know, an application to decertify the National Office was filed with the Labour Board on Wednesday, November 22nd. We know members have many questions and concerns about what is happening. Here is a summary of what is currently happening:

Friday, November 24th, COPE 491 filed their response with the Labour Board, as required, asking that the application be dismissed.

The employer also responded to the application, submitting their response to the Labour Board on November 24th, which also asked that the application be dismissed.

According to the rules set out in the Labour Board process, the vote must take place 5 days after the application is filed; which will be Wednesday, November 29th. The Labour Board Officer assigned to the file will determine if the vote will take place or will be postponed. That determination has not yet been made.

A Labour Board Officer conducts the vote and produces the ballots to be used.

The Table Officers will be at National Office on Tuesday, November 28th, to meet with members and discuss any questions and/or concerns they may have.

The Table Officers will also be available on site on the day of the vote.

COPE 491 was required to appoint a scrutineer for the vote and Brother Steve Smith has agreed to fill this role.

That is a summary of what we currently know regarding this application and the raid of our COPE 491 members.

Union business, however, carries on.

We are in the midst of elections for Table Officers. Please read the biographies and make sure to cast your vote. Your vote counts, be sure to make your voice heard in your ballot.

There is an arbitration scheduled for December 1st and Sister Trish Sinclair, Interim National Vice President, has been busy preparing.

Sister Rachel Roberts, Interim Education Communications Officer, has been working hard, ensuring email lists are kept current; updating our website as well as assisting with creating communiques.

The RVP’s are busy with the usual work with members on a day-to-day basis. If you have any questions, concerns or issues, please contact your RVP to assist you. They are your voice, your best tool, to bring concerns/questions/comments to your executive.

The Bargaining Committee has been elected and is in place. A bargaining survey and amendment form has been sent out and we have had many members return the completed forms already; which is great! An extension was granted and the deadline to return those surveys is Monday, November 27th. The Committee has a meeting scheduled for December 2nd.

It is a very busy time for our Local. We will continue to stay strong; keep our strength up in our numbers and we will continue to do our very best for our members. Work carries on and we will remain focused on our members and their needs.

Thanks to entire executive for the work they do everyday and their commitment to COPE 491. Thank you also to our members; you are why we do what we go everyday!

In Solidarity,
Karen Carle