COPE Local 491 is registered with the Union Savings Program.  This program helps to save union members money when shopping and traveling and more.  Union Savings is Canada’s only not-for-profit, union-run, members’ benefit program. By working with almost 2 million members across Canada and using economies of scale, discounts are negotiated for union members, retirees and their families. 
How it works:
1. Go to www.unionsavings.ca
2. Find your Union on the list
3. Create your free account
4. Start Saving!
To learn more, check out the guide to the discounts and savings
During the Ontario Federation of Labour convention, COPE was able to confirm our local’s registration in the program and secure a place in the program for all of our members. 

The program is open to all of our members, retirees and their families. Members simply need to create an account on the Union Savings website or call the 1800# to access the discounts. Both are available in French and English.

We hope that you find this great program useful, especially during the upcoming shopping and traveling season!