Covid-19 Update

As this is a very difficult and uneasy time for all of us, I wanted to reach out to you, as we have heard some unsettling news regarding another Union that you may hear about in the next while. 

We have been told that UNIFOR will be moving to lay off staff in the coming weeks, due to the rise of unemployment in the sectors they represent.  As this is a very troubling decision for UNIFOR to make, I am sure this may bring fear and uncertainty to our members as well.  Just to clarify, this is UNIFOR the Union having to lay off staff, not UNIFOR members that work for CUPE. 

We know that all unions, organizations and governments, including CUPE will be impacted by the financial fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There has been discussion with Mark Hancock regarding UNIFOR’s decision, the situation facing CUPE currently and what efforts are being made to alleviate the decrease in revenues that they are going to face in the next few months, maybe longer. 

Our understanding is that CUPE will be re-evaluating its finances, which will include preparing a revised budget for the year.  This budget will be presented to the NEB once it is completed. 

CUPE has indicated they are committed to protecting the jobs of all staff as much as possible and at the present time they are not contemplating layoffs. 

There will be further discussions with CUPE in the coming weeks, and we will continue to share any new information as it becomes available.  We also keep in close contact with CSU and continue to support each other through these difficult times. 

We need to continue to be available to provide assistance to the Staff Reps, as the work they are doing is crucial right now for the CUPE members, and their communities. 

These are very unsettling and uncertain times for all of us, and we need to support each other as co-workers.  COPE is committed to providing information to you all as soon as the facts become available, in order to be as prepared and informed as possible. 

In the meantime, please reach out to your RVP’s at any time with questions or concerns.  We need to continue to build solidarity for each other, the members and our communities. 

In Solidarity,

Trish Sinclair
President, COPE Local 491