Bio – Maggie Lewis (ONTARIO)

Bio for Maggie Lewis

To begin, I would like to thank you for the nomination to run as your representative for the 2013 COPE 491 Bargaining Committee and wish all nominees luck during this election.

I first began my career with CUPE in early 1994 and worked as a temporary Clerk-Typist for just over 1-½ years.  Jumping on an opportunity to live on an island, I left Canada to work in Bermuda, only to return six (6) months later.  Back in Canada, I worked for a Toronto hotel (as a temp), then landed a permanent position as an Office Manager in a dental office.  Well, that dental office sure opened my eyes, allowing me to finally understand and appreciated Unions, what we stand for and the important role we have in creating and maintaining rights for employees. It was then, that I decided to actively pursue and regain employment with CUPE and luckily was brought back as a temporary Secretary in February 1999.  I was placed at the Local 4400 office, where I worked for four (4) years, before returning to the Ontario Regional Office, where I currently work.

During my fourteen (14) years of unbroken service, I have:

  • Taken the Advanced Stewards course
  • Have sat with CUPE Local 4400’s Bargaining Committee in their “break-out” room during negotiations, experiencing team members working together to stand in solidarity when negotiating with the Employer
  • Was the first Campaign Manager for Janet Davis, Toronto City Counsellor (who was elected that year)
  • Presently am the COPE Ontario Region 5B Vice-President

For those who have worked with and alongside me, please know that I will dedicate the same energy, work ethic and dedication to OUR COPE 491 MEMBERS that I continually give to our Employer CUPE on behalf of our CUPE members. For those who have never worked alongside me, this means that I don’t quit, or give up or leave something half done.  If I don’t know, I will find out – no matter how long it takes and then I will pursue what is right and fight for you, if needed.

If elected:

  • My first order of business is to send out a Regional Bargaining Survey, so that I know what our common issues are in this region.   I want to ensure that your voice is heard during this round of negotiations.
  • I will take an active role to ensure that you will know how bargaining is progressing and will keep you informed to the best of my ability.
  • I will take your concerns directly to the Bargaining Committee and will get answers for you in a timely manner.
  • Together with the Bargaining Committee members, will negotiate the best Collective Agreement we can, for you…our members.

I believe we currently have the best COPE 491 Executive in our history, who will fight for our rights and a fair and equitable Collective Agreement.

I welcome the opportunity to sit alongside such a professional, dedicated and hardworking team during negotiations and thank you for your consideration during this vote.

Yours in solidarity,

Maggie Lewis, Regional Vice-President

Ontario Region 5B

COPE 491