Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! The COPE 491 executive wishes to send good wishes for a fantastic year to each and every member.

Quick update on the OLRB hearings for the application that was filed in December. The hearing date originally scheduled for December 27 was cancelled and the hearing for January 8 and 9 will be taking place as scheduled. Until the hearings have taken place and a decision is rendered there may not be much information to share. We will continue to provide all information we can to everyone.

COPE 491 will be taking time in the first part of January to also welcome our new executive members and will be working together to move forward in a positive manner. The Bargaining Committee is continuing to work compiling proposals from those submitted by members. There has been a start on a bylaw review and a committee will be formed shortly as well. 2018 will be a busy year again and we look forward to seeing member involvement and seeing our local continue to grow and strengthen together in a unified direction.

In Solidarity,
COPE 491 Executive