List of Nominees and Acclaimation

The nomination period for the upcoming elections is now closed.  Thank you to all who participated in the process. 

The following is a list of the nominees that have been acclaimed.

Mia Warwick – Acclaimed

Rachel Roberts – Acclaimed

The following positions received nominations and an election will take place. 

*Alex Hernandez
*Theresa Walkowski

*Sonia Argatoff
*Marie Hagerman

*Melody Voykin
*Lise Bettac

The following position received no nominations.  

REGIONAL VICE-PRESIDENT – Region 7 (Maritimes)

Thank you again to all who participated in this process.  The Elections will take place December 5-11, 2022. 

Election Call October 2022

Between December 5 to 11, 2022 members will elect three (3) table officers, two (2) RVPs and one (1) trustee in accordance with the COPE 491 Bylaws.

Table Officer Positions:
National Vice-President
Communications/Education Officer

Trustee Position:
Trustee 3-year term

Elected by a vote of the membership in all regions

Regional Vice-President Positions (By-Election):
Region 2 – Alberta
Region 7 – Maritimes

Elected by a vote of the membership in their respective region

Nominations will open October 31, 2022 and must be submitted to the Returning Officer by 4:00 p.m. EST on November 14, 2022; the day nominations close.

To be eligible for a nomination and election, a member must be in continuous good standing for twelve (12) consecutive months prior to date of nomination.

No nomination shall be accepted unless the member nominating has signed the nomination form and the member nominated has indicated on the form, or by other means, their willingness to stand for office. Nominations must be sent in during the nomination period.  Any nominations received before or after the nomination period will not be accepted. 
A complete list of candidates for office will be posted on the Local Union website on November 15, 2022.
After the closing of nominations all duly nominated candidates will be extended an opportunity to have a maximum of one (1) article included in the electronic voting system and posted on the Local Union website. The article may reference candidate websites but shall not contain any active links to external websites.
Mary Elizabeth Archer will serve as Returning Officer during the election. Voting will be conducted using electronic voting over seven days, December 5 to 11, 2022.
Your participation as a candidate or as an informed voter in Union elections is crucial because those you elect will help administer the affairs of the Union.
Personal email addresses should be received by the Returning Officer, Mary Elizabeth Archer via your RVP and no later than October 31, 2022, to ensure receipt of ballots.
In solidarity,
Brandi Kehoe
President, COPE Local 491

Campaign Rules
Campaigning cannot occur during work time.
Use of the Employer’s voice mail or email to
circulate election material is not permitted.
Candidates are asked to always conduct themselves with dignity.
Any behaviour or material that undermines
the dignity or self-esteem of any individual
or creates an intimidating, hostile or
offensive environment will not be tolerated.
Each duly nominated candidate may submit a maximum of one (1) article (PDF) to be published on the Local Union Website and included in the electronic voting system. 
Website posting of articles begin November 15, 2022.
Mary Elizabeth Archer
Returning Officer, COPE Local 491


October 17, 2022
Election Call 

October 31, 2022
Personal email address deadline 

October 31, 2022
Nominations open 

November 14, 2022 4:00 p.m. EST
Nominations Close 

November 15, 2022
Complete list of candidates will be posted on the Union’s Website
Website posting of articles begin 

December 5-11, 2022

Workload Review

Dear COPE 491 members, 
Please see the attached survey relating to Article 25.04 Workload Review that was recently bargained into our collective agreement. This project will begin this fall and will include collaborations between our Local, the Employer and CSU. 
Only answer the survey questions that pertain to you. If a question does not relate to your job, office or department please keep it blank. 
This data is being collected to analyze our work, but also to focus on how our work has changed over the past several years because of higher demand in some departments/regions, technology, the nature of the reps’ work as it relates to our support, and also as a result of the pandemic. It is also to see where there is need for added support, or training in certain departments or regions. 
I know some of you in the National Office region have already filled out a survey similar to this one. If you have and you do not have anything further to add, please know I still have those surveys and I will be using them for this project. If you would like to redo the survey, you are welcome to. 
If there is something related to your workload, but the question has not been posed in this survey, please feel free to add that information into the comments section at the end of the survey. 
All completed surveys can be sent to me, Brandi Kehoe ( Please have them in by October 26th 2022. 
Thank you and In Solidarity, 
Brandi Kehoe (she/her)
COPE 491

Retro Pay

COPE has been advised that the retroactive pay should be paid to members with the pay statement on September 8, 2022.

If there is any further information to share, we will let you know.

In Solidarity

Estoppel Article 15.02c

Our Employer served the Union an Estoppel notice regarding Article 15.02 (c).  

The Union would like to remind all members they should be making efforts to book medical appointments outside of working hours if possible.  All standing appointments during work time may start to be denied unless there is proof it is the only means possible due to factors such as provider hours, treatment availability etc. 

If you encounter any issues please contact your RVP.  

Ratification Vote Results

The election for the ratification vote is now over.  We have the results. 

The MOS has been ratified by COPE491 members. 

Thank you to all of those who took the time to vote. 
        Poll Result COPE491 – Ratification VoteReport date: Wednesday 29 June 2022 00:00 EDT
 Are you in favour of accepting the negotiated settlement?
Poll ID: 174879
As at Poll close: Tuesday 28 June 2022 23:59 EDT
Number of voters: 200 · Group size: 248 · Percentage voted: 80.65
Vote counting method: V1 FPTP (first-past-the-post) 
Ranked by votes RankCandidate IDCandidateVotes%116148435Yes19296.00216148436No84.00


Upcoming Ratification Vote

The ratification vote for the Memorandum of Settlement, signed June 15, 2022 and circulated to all members by email, will be held using Big Pulse from June 22 to 28, 2022.  

Please watch your email inboxes for your electronic ballot.  

Don’t forget there are upcoming Townhall sessions this week for any members who wish to have questions answered.  

In Solidarity, 
COPE491 Bargaining Committee

Brandi Kehoe
Patty Kinahan
Debbie Rebeiro
Karri Patterson
Rachel Roberts

MOS Signed Today!

COPE Local 491 Bargaining Committee is happy to present the attached Memorandum of Settlement that was signed with the Employer today.  There were many big issues on the table that required lots of discussion and back and forth.  This afternoon the parties were able to come together and sign off on a complete Memorandum of Settlement.  

The bargaining committee will be holding a series of Townhall sessions to go over the MOS with members and answer any questions that you may have.  Each session will be the same, so please connect in with any of the sessions that work with your schedule.  Please note: all times listed below are in Eastern Daylight Time. 

Please send an email to: with any questions you may have ahead of time so the committee can be prepared to address the questions during the sessions.  

In Solidarity, 

Brandi Kehoe
Debbie Rebeiro
Karri Patterson
Patty Kinahan
Rachel Roberts


List of Nominees and Acclaimation

The nomination period for the upcoming elections is now closed.  Thank you to all who participated in the process. 

The following is a list of the nominee that have been acclaimed.

Philip Mrakovics – Acclaimed

The following position did not receive any nominations, and more information regarding that will be coming out shortly. 

REGIONAL VICE-PRESIDENT – Region 7 (Maritimes)