Nomination Forms – Election December 2020

Nominations for the upcoming elections open on November 4, 2020.  Click below to access the nomination form for each position up for election. The attached nomination forms are in pdf format; for a word version of the form, please reply to this email and it will be emailed to you.  Unfortunately the word version doesn’t attach properly through this email format. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Returning Officer.

Nomination Form – NVP

Nomination-Form – Secretary

Nomination-Form – Education/Communication Officer

Nomination-Form – Trustee – Three Year



Bylaw Amendment Vote – October 2020

Bylaw Results – October 2020.
The Bylaw Amendment vote has closed and the results are in.  The bylaw amendments have passed. 
Please see below the details of the results of the vote and link for the official results on Big Pulse.  
COPE491 By-Law Amendments

Report date: Thursday 22 October 2020 13:09 EDT

COPE491 By-Law Amendments Poll ID: 163200
As at Poll close: Wednesday 21 October 2020 23:59 EDT
Number of voters: 80 · Group size: 235 · Percentage voted: 34.04
Vote counting method: V1 FPTP (first-past-the-post)
Ranked by votes
RankVote Option IDVote OptionVotes%

Returning Officer
COPE Local 491

Election Call – December 2020

Between December 9 and December 15, 2020 members will elect three (3) Table Officers; one (1) Trustee ; and three (3) RVP’s in accordance with the COPE 491 Bylaws.
Officer Positions:
National Vice-President
Education/Communication Officer
Elected by a vote of the full membership.

Trustee Position:
3-year Trustee
Elected by a vote of the full membership.

By-Election {One (1) year Duration}:
Region 6B – National Office/OAO
Region 6C – National Office/OAO
Region 7 – Maritimes
Elected by a vote of the membership in their respective regions
Nominations will open November 4, 2020 and must be submitted to the Returning Officer by 4:00 P.M. on November 17, 2020; the day nominations close.
To be eligible for a nomination and election, a member must be in continuous good standing for twelve (12) consecutive months prior to date of nomination.
No nomination shall be accepted unless the member nominating has signed the nomination form and the member nominated has indicated on the form, or by other means, their willingness to stand for office. Nominations must be sent in during the nomination period. Any nominations received before or after the nomination period will not be accepted. 

A complete list of candidates for office will be posted on the Local Union website on November 18, 2020.
After the closing of nominations all duly nominated candidates will be extended an opportunity to have a maximum of one (1) article included in the electronic voting system and posted on the Local Union website. The article may reference candidate websites but shall not contain any active links to external websites.
Steve Smith will serve as Returning Officer during the election. Voting will be conducted using electronic voting over seven days, December 9 to December 15, 2020.
Your participation as a candidate or as an informed voter in Union elections is crucial because those you elect will help administer the affairs of the Union.
Personal email addresses should be received by the Returning Officer, Steve Smith via your RVP no later than October 29, 2020, in order to ensure receipt of ballots.
In solidarity,
Trish Sinclair
President, COPE Local 491

Campaigning cannot occur during work time.
Use of the Employer’s voice mail or email to circulate election material is not permitted.
Candidates are asked to conduct themselves with dignity at all times.
Any behaviour or material that undermines the dignity or self-esteem of any individual or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment will not be tolerated.
Each duly nomination candidate may submit a maximum of one (1) article to be published on the Local Union Website and included in the electronic voting system.  Website posting of articles begin November 20, 2019.
Steve Smith
Returning Officer, COPE Local 491
October 20, 2020
Election Call

October 29, 2020
Personal email address deadline
November 4, 2020
Nominations open
November 17, 2020
4:00 p.m. EST

Nominations Close
November 18, 2020
Complete list of candidates
Will be posted on the Union’s
November 19, 2020
Website posting of articles begin
December 9 – 15, 2020
Election Call December 2020-2-1

Bylaw Vote Coming October 14

Watch your email inboxes on October 14 for the upcoming vote on changes to the Constitution and Bylaws for COPE Local 491.  We have many changes to make to our Bylaws, and instead of overwhelming everyone all at once, it has been decided to break these changes down to a couple of steps.

This first step (vote to start October 14th) is to bring our Constitution and Bylaws in line with current practices and to make other housekeeping changes to clean up some articles.  The next stage is planned for early 2021 to start making language and changes.  More information on that will be coming later. 

Click on the buttons below to review the proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws that are being put forward to vote on.  The document has the proposed changes shown in highlighted yellow with the rationale for the change shown in italics.  The changes are presented as a package and will be voted on as such.

Please review these changes so you are prepared for the upcoming vote.  The vote will be coming through Big Pulse and all documentation will be attached to that ballot you receive by email.  If you do not receive a ballot and link to the vote on October 14, please contact your RVP.  The vote will be open for one week.

If you have any questions, please forward to them to your RVP. 

Thank you.