Trustee Election Results

Election Results are in
Good morning,

The results are in for the Trustee election that just closed.  Congratulations to Carolyn Layfield! 

Click the link below to see the official Big Pulse results page. 

Poll Result   COPE491 Election
Report date: Tuesday 17 December 2019 09:25 EST
Trustee (3 Year Term)
Poll ID: 155119
As at Poll close: Monday 16 December 2019 23:59 EST
Number of voters: 130 · Group size: 250 · Percentage voted: 52.00
Vote counting method: V1 FPTP
Ranked by votes
Rank Candidate ID Candidate Votes %
1 16025393 Carolyn Layfield 68 52.31
2 16025394 Sonia Argatoff 48 36.92
3 16025392 Mary Elizabeth Archer 14 10.77


Elections are Underway!

The Election for the Trustee (3 year) position is now underway. Everyone should have received a ballot to their home email address. If you haven’t, please contact your RVP immediately.

The election for RVP – Region 4 (Manitoba) is also underway. If you are a member in Manitoba and have not received a ballot, please contact your current RVP immediately.

Good luck to all those running!


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During the Ontario Federation of Labour convention, COPE was able to confirm our local’s registration in the program and secure a place in the program for all of our members. 

The program is open to all of our members, retirees and their families. Members simply need to create an account on the Union Savings website or call the 1800# to access the discounts. Both are available in French and English.

We hope that you find this great program useful, especially during the upcoming shopping and traveling season!