ELECTION ARTICLES – December 10-16, 2019

UPDATED (December 6, 2019): There are elections taking place for RVP – Region 4 (Manitoba); and Trustee – 3 year. Below is the list of nominees (alphabetic by last name) with the articles they have prepared linked to their name.

REGION 4 (Manitoba)

TRUSTEE (3 year)

UPDATED: Nominations and Acclaimations – November 2019

The nomination period for the upcoming elections is now closed. 

Thank you to all who participated in the process and either nominated someone or allowed their names to stand for election. 

The following is the list of acclaimations:


  • Trish Sinclair (Manitoba Regional Office) – acclaimed


  • Karri Patterson (Atlantic Regional Office) – acclaimed


Region 1 (BC)

  • Connie Taylor (Prince George Area Office) – acclaimed

Region 2 (AB)

  • Patty Kinahan (AB Regional Office) – acclaimed

Region 3 (SK)

  • Heather Dillabaugh (Saskatoon Area Office) – acclaimed

Region 5A (ON Area Offices)

  • Brandi Kehoe (Hamilton Area Office) – acclaimed

REGION 5B (ON Regional Office)

  • Daniela Greco (ON Regional Office) – acclaimed

REGION 7 (Maritimes)

  • Kelli Lawrence (Charlottetown Area Office) – acclaimed

REGION 8 (Atlantic)

  • Jessica Scott (Atlantic Regional Office) – acclaimed


The following is a list of the nominees that will have an election.

REGION 4 (Manitoba)

  • Alex Hernandez (Manitoba Regional Office)
  • Pamela Nowosad-Federowich (Brandon Area Office)

REGION 6 (National Office) 3 positions

  • Jamal Abiad (National Office)
  • Julie Job (National Office)
  • Mia Warwick (National Office)
  • Debbie Rebeiro (National Office)

TRUSTEE (3 year)

  • Carolyn Layfield (Kingston Area Office)
  • Mary Elizabeth Archer (Alberta Regional Office)
  • Sonia Argatoff (National Office)

The election for the above positions will commence on December 10 and run until December 16, 2019.  Ballots will be sent to voting members via email using Big Pulse.  If you do not receive a ballot on December 10, please contact your current RVP. 

Bios for the candidates will begin to be posted this week. 

Congratulations to all those acclaimed and good luck to all candidates! 

Nomination Forms – Elections December 2019

Nominations for the upcoming elections open on November 5, 2019.  Click below to access the nomination form for each position up for election. The attached nomination forms are in pdf format as well as word version. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Returning Officer.

Nomination-Form – President (Word) 

Nomination-Form – President (pdf) 

Nomination-Form – Treasurer (Word)

Nomination-Form – Treasurer (pdf)

Nomination-Form – RVP Region blank (Word)

Nomination-Form – RVP Region blank (pdf)

Nomination-Form – Trustee – Three Year (Word)

Nomination-Form – Trustee – Three Year (pdf)