COPE491 and Social Media

In the world of technology and ever changing media platforms, our local has started to create an online social media presence. 

COPE Local 491 now has a Facebook group.  This is a place to come and chat with other members, find interesting labour community events and information or share positive experiences and make a connection with your COPE Local 491 Sisters and Brothers. 

In order to join the group, you will have to request permission and answer 3 questions; are you a current COPE Local 491 member, which office and region you work in and if you will follow the equality statement in your posts and comments.  Once you have requested permission to join, an administrator or moderator of the group will approve you.  The group will remain a “closed” group which means: you can search the group on Facebook, but only members of the group will be able to see what is posted there.  Membership in the Facebook group is strictly OPTIONAL; the emails and webpage will remain the main vehicles for sharing COPE Local 491 official communications.  

Visit us on Facebook at:

Stay tuned for more social media platform information in the coming weeks! 

National Vice President Election RESULTS

Good morning,

The results are in for the National Vice-President election that just closed.  Congratulations to Sandra Lenuik! 

Click the link below to see the official Big Pulse results page. 


Poll Result

By-Election: National Vice-President

Report date: Thursday 14 March 2019 00:53 EDT

National Vice-President

Number of voters: 142 · Group size: 253 · Percentage voted: 56.13

Ranked by votes

RankCandidate IDCandidateVotes%
115974803Sandra Lenuik5639.44
215974801Tammy Laurin4934.51
315974802Lindsay Mills3726.06

Retro Pay Information

As the pay statements were just received today; many members have been asking about the retro pay.  We inquired about it this morning and were advised by the Employer that the retroactive pay is being processed.  It is being worked on and and requires a number of manual calculations that are time consuming.  We do not have information on the exact time frame; however if we find out anything further we will let everyone know.