Vacation Carry-Over


As you all know, COPE currently has a policy grievance filed regarding vacation/.vacation payout.  As we are actively working on this grievance, we are advising all members that as per Article 13.09(b) of the Collective Agreement, if you have any remaining vacation that you will not be using before the end of the year, that you wish to carry over for use next year, that you put this in writing and send it to your RD/ARD. 

We would also like to advise that this be done as soon as reasonably possible, as HR usually needs all forms to be submitted before the first week of December.  If you have any difficulty getting your request approved, please advise your RVP right away. 

We will keep you all apprised of any resolution to this matter. 

Sick Leave Bank Committee VACANCY

COPE491 has one (1) vacancy on our Sick Leave Bank committee and are canvassing members to find out who is interested in working on this committee.  The vacancy is for one of the positions that deals with requests from the National Office.  Therefore the member must be from outside the National Office.  The COPE491 Bylaws/Constitution/Policy states the following:
2.08 – Committee Appointments
Local Union committee appointments will be reviewed and renewed as necessary.  If a member is interested in holding a particular committee position, he/she should notify the Executive by advising their Regional Vice-President.  The Executive will review the applications and make appointments. 

2.05 – Sick Leave Bank Committee
The Sick Leave Bank Committee shall consist of one (1) representative from the Employer and four (4) representatives from the Local Union (two from the field to deal with member’s requests at National Office and two from National Office to deal with members’ requests from the field).  National Office will administer the Sick Leave Bank. 
If you are interested in this position and meet the requirements, please fill in the information on the Application Sheet available through the button below and reply to your RVP as well as send in a copy to: by October 15, 2020. 

In Solidarity,
Sister Trish Sinclair

All Blood is Equal

COPE National has adopted a resolution to support the campaign to end the “blood ban” at Canadian Blood Services (CBS).  Currently CBS discriminates against gay men and trans women from donating blood.  

The blood ban is not based on science, just old discriminatory ideas.  All blood in Canada is tested and is safe.  

For more information, please visit: 

COPE National President, David Black, has sent a letter calling for support from our local and our members.  We are asking members to visit the above website and add your voice to end this discrimination; share the campaign with your friends, family, neighbours and fellow allies; and consider making a donation to the campaign so they can do more public outreach.  

The link to the campaign is also available on COPE 491’s facebook group.