COPE Local 491 partners with Vubiz to offer educational workshops to all members!

COPE Local 491 is excited to announce that we have partnered with Vubiz to offer educational workshops for all members.  These workshops are all online and available 24/7.  Choose from hundreds of workshops ranging from informational and fun to work related.  There are workshops available in English, French and Spanish. 

Click the link below to learn how to get started.  We recommend reading the instruction sheet before going on the site to minimize encountering any issues during initial registration. 

Below is also a link to the workshop listing.  If you prefer to view the workshop listing in Excel, reply to this email to request it be sent to you. 

Feel free to browse around and take any or all that you are interested in.  For any Vubiz site related queries, please contact Norm (his contact info is in the instruction sheet); for any COPE related queries, please reply to this email. 

Happy Learning! 



Vubiz E-Learning Workshop List

Nominations Closed – List of Acclaimed and Nominees

Thank you to all those who let their name stand for positions. The positions that were open for elections were for the Bargaining Committee as well as two interim RVP positions.

RVP, Region 5A (Interim, one year remainder of term)

  • Steve Smith – ACCLAIMED

RVP, Region 6C (Interim, one year remainder of term)

  • No nominations




  • Karri Patterson – ACCLAIMED



  • Debbie Rebeiro – ACCLAIMED



  • Brandi Kehoe – ACCLAIMED




There will be one election, for the members in that region/area.  Congratulations to those acclaimed and good luck to those nominees in the election.