Bylaw Vote Coming October 14

Watch your email inboxes on October 14 for the upcoming vote on changes to the Constitution and Bylaws for COPE Local 491.  We have many changes to make to our Bylaws, and instead of overwhelming everyone all at once, it has been decided to break these changes down to a couple of steps.

This first step (vote to start October 14th) is to bring our Constitution and Bylaws in line with current practices and to make other housekeeping changes to clean up some articles.  The next stage is planned for early 2021 to start making language and changes.  More information on that will be coming later. 

Click on the buttons below to review the proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws that are being put forward to vote on.  The document has the proposed changes shown in highlighted yellow with the rationale for the change shown in italics.  The changes are presented as a package and will be voted on as such.

Please review these changes so you are prepared for the upcoming vote.  The vote will be coming through Big Pulse and all documentation will be attached to that ballot you receive by email.  If you do not receive a ballot and link to the vote on October 14, please contact your RVP.  The vote will be open for one week.

If you have any questions, please forward to them to your RVP. 

Thank you.