Workload Review

Dear COPE 491 members, 
Please see the attached survey relating to Article 25.04 Workload Review that was recently bargained into our collective agreement. This project will begin this fall and will include collaborations between our Local, the Employer and CSU. 
Only answer the survey questions that pertain to you. If a question does not relate to your job, office or department please keep it blank. 
This data is being collected to analyze our work, but also to focus on how our work has changed over the past several years because of higher demand in some departments/regions, technology, the nature of the reps’ work as it relates to our support, and also as a result of the pandemic. It is also to see where there is need for added support, or training in certain departments or regions. 
I know some of you in the National Office region have already filled out a survey similar to this one. If you have and you do not have anything further to add, please know I still have those surveys and I will be using them for this project. If you would like to redo the survey, you are welcome to. 
If there is something related to your workload, but the question has not been posed in this survey, please feel free to add that information into the comments section at the end of the survey. 
All completed surveys can be sent to me, Brandi Kehoe ( Please have them in by October 26th 2022. 
Thank you and In Solidarity, 
Brandi Kehoe (she/her)
COPE 491