Bio – Eva McKaeff (WEST)


With many thanks to my nominator Sister Tracey Gramchuk, I have decided to let my name stand for a position on COPE 491’s bargaining team that will soon enter into negotiations with CUPE. 

The following is a list of my accomplishments over the past several years as both a member of CUPE, and also as an employee of CUPE. 

  • Employed by the City of Regina in 1982 – hired in Personnel.
  • In 1989, changed positions within the City to work in Customer Service.
  • In 2007, ended my employment with the City and began with CUPE as a Secretary. 

I chose the career path of customer service as I enjoy working and meeting people.  This passion resulted in pursuing union activities.  In 1989, while still working in Personnel, I was encouraged to get involved.  My first introduction to trade unionism was becoming active on the Occupational Health and Safety Committee.  This was a very good introduction for me and soon afterwards I expressed an interest to become more active within my Local.  I was soon elected to the position of Executive-At-Large, then to the position of Shop Steward for grievances, followed by the position of Recording Secretary and then finally to the position of President.   

I held the position of President for 12 years at the City of Regina.  My most memorable and challenging term was when my Local and two others, jointly took job action during negotiations in 2005.  I was very involved with the strike that made City of Regina history – most rewarding and self-satisfying, has made me a stronger person today. 

I have very strong principles when it comes to our workplace (CUPE as an employer and our rights as an employee).  I am not afraid to voice my opinion and will always stand up for what I feel is right or voice my opinion to what I think may not be right. 

Currently, I am a Referral Agent to our EAP program.  It has been my pleasure to assist anyone with their needs.  Statistics prove that our program is being used and hope that this service will never be cut out.  

I am also the Regional Vice-President (Saskatchewan Region). 

I am familiar with the process of negotiations as I know many of you are as well – we deal with this in our day jobs; however, sitting as part of a bargaining team from the beginning to the very end is truly an experience everyone should take interest in.  For this reason, I would like to do my part and contribute from what I have learned in my past experiences.   

Aside from my permanent employment with CUPE, I also work part-time with Regina’s Globe Theatre as a bartender, usher and the front of the house manager.   

I believe I have achieved a balance in my life and thank you for considering me to represent you at the negotiations table. 

In solidarity, 

Sister Eva McKaeff