Questions about Vacation Pay Out

Many members recently received notice regarding pay out of vacation credits. In order to ensure we have as much information as possible to discuss this matter properly and fully, we need information in what has happened, and who has been affected.  

Where you paid out any vacation days in January 2020 that you were not expecting; if so, please answer the following questions and send your answers directly to Sandra Lenuik at

  1. How many days did you have left in 2018 that carried over into 2019? 
  2. How many days did you use in 2019?
  3. Did you request to be paid out anytime at all in 2019? If so, how many days?
  4. How many days did you receive as your vacation allotment in 2019?
  5. How many days in 2019 where you expecting to carry over to 2020?
  6. Did you request to carry over your days? If so, when did you submit that request? Did you ever get a response?
  7. Were you on any long term sick leave or approved absence?

Thank you for taking the time to assist us in gathering information on this important issue.  

Note: as your Education/Communication Officer, I am committed to fulfilling my duties regardless and as such this email is being sent using my cell phone while on vacation in California – please excuse any errors or omissions in the above as my WiFi isn’t great and using a tiny screen to set this up is difficult.  I thank you all for your understanding and cooperation in this.