More Questions about Vacation Pay Out

Thank you to all that answered our first set of questions.  If you have not yet, please see the original email below and forward your answers.  For everyone, even if you answered the first set, please answer the following questions: 

Vacation Accruals:
If you were not paid out any vacation days but did carry some over to 2020 please answer the following:

  1. Balance of vacation as of December 31, 2018.
  2. Amount of vacation allotted in 2019 (in days please)
  3. Amount of vacation used in 2019
  4. Amount of vacation paid out in 2019 (that was requested by you)
  5. If you asked for your vacation to be carried over, when and did you get a response? 
  6. How many days are you carrying over in 2020?
  7. What is your allotment for 2020?

Please send your answers directly to Sandra Lenuik at